My name is Saidou Kpandja, I am an Electrical Engineer. Personally, I always have difficulties setting up goals, but after taking the Master Mind class with coach Eldine Agodomou, it made it easier for me. The way coach Eldine instructs us was amazing. He used ‘’THE 15 INVALUABLE LAWS OF GROWTH” by John C. Maxwell to walk us step by step through the book. He explains every law with great examples. I really like the way he engaged and motivated everyone in open discussion. I have learned a lot, in personal growth. It was an honor to be part of his class and I cannot thank him enough for the opportunity. For anyone who is willing to take a Master Mind class, I strongly recommend you to take it with coach Eldine, believe me you will never regret it.

My name is Kaiba Djobo, currently  Manager, Customer Services at the United States Postal Service. I have been blessed and fortunate to be part of a Mastermind class, in which Mr. Eldine Agodomou was a facilitator. We spent several sessions on weekends studying the 15 invaluable laws of growth, written by John C. Maxwell. These mastermind sessions helped me gain more managerial skills, as I was able to apply those to my current position. 

I strongly benefited from the Law of Pain, which states: GOOD MANAGEMENT OF BAD EXPERIENCE LEADS TO GROWTH. I was able to coach one of my employees, with who I was having issues, in one particular task. I observed him for several days trying to accomplish one particular task, which he has been assigned to. Anytime it’s his turn to be on that operation of the unit, it always leads to poor performance for the whole unit, just because he takes forever to accomplish the give task. I switched him and put him on another operation which requires more focus and more time spending. I was surprised to notice a huge improvement on his end, which leaded to an increase in unit performance.

Mr. Agodomou is very skilled and talented and knew how to convey the message to benefit his audience.