It’s important to know yourself, know who you really are to be able to operate better and get better results.


Get the clarity in your thoughts so you can step up, act and get things done.


Develop the leadership needed in your team so they can catch your vision, take charge and set your company up for exponential growth.

Life is a journey. On the way to accomplishing your goals and dreams, you will encounter peaks and valleys, twists and turns, joy and sorrow, and you can get knocked down sometimes. And some people remain down and give up. Yes, Life is hard, but you can’t remain down if you want to accomplish your dreams; you need to get back up and continue the journey. For most people, it is hard to get back up; they are confused and fogged up in their thoughts. At that very moment, you need to seek help. You need someone who can help you get back on track. Contact us at ELPG Solutions LLC; we will be glad to help you get clarity of your thoughts so you can accomplish your goals and dreams.

Our Core Values

We Work With You to Discover Your Priorities & Customize Leadership Solutions.


We believe everything rises and falls on leadership. So, we encourage continuous learning and growing which leads to better leadership.

Growth Minded

We believe human potential is unlimited and we must cultivate that mindset by growing and developing ourselves to our full potential.


We value excellence and we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Servant Leadership

We believe a leader must be willing to serve others unconditionally.


Giving or showing firm and constant support to our cause and to the team.


We take pride in upholding strong moral principles.


    Eldine is an entrepreneur, investor, Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses unlock their potential and achieve their goals through Maxwell method of Coaching.

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    Coaching one on one until the goal achieved I can help you get the clarity in your thoughts so you can step up, act and get things done.

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    To be a leading company that empowers people to live with purpose.

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